140cm D Cup WM DOLL

140cm D Cup WMDOLL head 36-2 Angel 2 with pink hair and brown eyes.

Note: these dolls are much copied on the internet. If you pay attention to the sellers you can generally identify the ones that are selling copies. Often the original photos made by WMDOLL are shown, but instead a different manufacturer is used. Authentic WM DOLLs are much more expensive than the price of the cheaper copies.

WMDOLL Highlights:

  • Manufacturer of Original and Genuine dolls
  • Innovator of High Quality TPE manufacturing
  • Produces the most sought after and copied dolls EVER
  • Incredibly Realistic and Lifelike dolls
  • Extremely Attractive dolls
  • Dolls that are built to last at an affordable price

    If you want the doll as in the photo just leave everything blank or enter 'default'. Otherwise, for each category please select from the options displayed in the photos below. For the feet we recommend standing as it is more durable. A representative will follow up to confirm the details of your order.

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  • Doll Measurements

    Height: 140cm

    Weight: 25.5KG

    Breast line: 75cm

    Underbreastline: 57cm

    Waist: 50cm

    Hip: 75cm

    Foot Size: 20cm

    Leg Length: 68cm

    Arm Length: 60cm

    Shoulder: 32.5cm

    Skin Options

    Eye Color Options

    Wig Options

    Nail Color Options

    Toenail Color Options

    Option for Standing