156cm IRONTECH Doris with dark hair and brown eyes. In the realm of sex dolls Doris might count as a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) She is definitely a full figured doll. The problem with many full figure dolls is that they are so unrealistic as to be unappealing. This is definitely not the case with Doris. All her proportions are very well done for an exceptionally attractive realistic doll.

Build Your Doll
It is possible to build your own doll by selecting any head / body / wig combination. You'll first want to check out the correct body. We also have more options than those pictured and those are also available. After your order a representative will contact you with full customization options.

Note: IRONTECH DOLLs, as with most of the brands we have, are much copied on the internet. If you pay attention to the sellers you can generally identify the ones that are selling copies. Often the original photos made by IRONTECHDOLL are shown, but instead a different manufacturer is used. Authentic ITONTECH DOLLS are much more expensive than the price of the cheaper copies.

Irontechdoll Highlights:

  • Incredibly soft yet tough and durable skin
  • Self-recovering pressure resistant flesh
  • Flexible, manipulable, lifelike robust skeleton
  • Realistic beautiful dolls lifelike details
  • Manipulation friendly, durable performance

    If you want the doll as in the photo just leave everything blank or enter 'default'. Otherwise, for each category please select from the options displayed in the photos below. For the feet we recommend standing as it is more durable. A representative will follow up to confirm the details of your order.

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  • Doll Measurements Doris

    Height: 156cm

    Breast line: 95.5cm

    Underbreastline: 75cm

    Waistline: 67.5cm

    Hip: 125cm

    Shoulder: 36cm

    Arm Length: 63cm

    Thigh line: 71cm

    Foot Size: 21.5cm

    Weight: 48KG

    Skin Options

    Wig Options

    Eye Color Options

    Nail / Toenail Color Options

    Option for Standing