168cm ASDOLL Blanche

168cm ASDOLL Blanche with brown hair and blue eyes.

Build Your Doll
It is possible to build your own doll by selecting any head / body / wig combination. You'll first want to check out the correct body. We also have more options than those pictured and those are also available. After your order a representative will contact you with full customization options.

ASDOLL has some of the best doll designs available and at a reasonable price. Their dolls are realistic, artistic and practically speaking quite attractive. ASDOLL has a good reputation as a quality manufacturer.

If you want the doll as in the photo just leave everything blank or enter 'default'. Otherwise, for each category please select from the options displayed in the photos below. For the feet we recommend standing as it is more durable. A representative will follow up to confirm the details of your order.

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Doll Measurements

Height: 168cm
Bust: 80cm
Down bust: 62cm
Waist: 52cm
Hip: 92cm
Blanche has a Hips/Waist ratio of approximately 1.77
Shoulder: 37cm
Arm Length: 68cm
Hand Length: 15cm
Leg Length: 90cm
Vaginal: 22cm
Anus: 14cm
Foot Length: 23cm
Neck Cir.: 28cm
Net Weight: 33KG

Skin Options

Wig Options

Eye Color Options

Finger Nail Color Options

Toenail Color Options

Options for Standing