Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important

Your personal information is not shared and all items ship discreetly. The personal data you provide is used to answer queries, process orders or allow access to specific information. You have the right to modify and delete all the personal information found in the "My Account" page.

How we go beyond typical privacy protections

Some website pages run over 100 cookies on your computer per session. Cookies are used to gather data about you and the sites you visit. There are companies that collect and aggregate data that is gathered by cookies. These companies may then resell the data. Remember all this data (about you) is stored FOREVER. Your online activity is used to profile you and to determine what search results you see and even what jobs you can get.

If you use Epic Privacy Browser, you can see how many cookies are blocked.

We are working very hard to eliminate all the cookies from our site. We have them off the front page and all the category pages except one. Soon we would try to get them off the product pages. Cookies are ubiquitous and very difficult to get rid of. They are in site development tools. We recommend using a browser that blocks and reports cookies. You can try the Epic Privacy Browser for that.