Sex Doll Care

---Clean your doll with each use using mild soap, dry with a towel after cleaning. You may apply baby oil to keep the skin healthy. After the oil soaks in apply baby powder to make the skin smooth. The head should be taken off and cleaned separately. Do not submerse your doll under water. It is better to use a wet cloth. Keep the doll head away from water. Use mild shampoo to wash the hair and let it dry naturally.

--- Avoid Heat: TPE is very heat sensitive. Do not heat beyond normal body temperature. DO NOT use a hair dryer. Don't store the doll in a sunny space.

---Putting cloths on the doll can help to keep her clean, but watch out for dark colors that can stain her. Also avoid super tight cloths (for extended times) that crease the skin of the doll.

--- Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping, knocking, or applying excessive pressure on rough surfaces. For example, the TPE over the knees may damage if pressure is applied to her on an outdoor surface. Consider knee pads and get the standing option for the feet.

--Chemicals allowed: Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Mild Soap. Avoid any other chemicals or vegetable oil which clogs the skin.

--Don't leave in highly bent positions for extended time.