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We ship globally

Dollmotions is a global shipper of customer sex dolls. We are committed to good customer service and a reliable product. We typically sell at a price lower than other stores for the same product. You may see the same photos elsewhere, and at a lower price. Often those dolls are not produced by the original manufacturer which costs much more and is a more reliable product with a closer match. If it is the same mfr we can try to match price.

We ship all ADULT Dolls

To keep it clear we don't sell flat chested dolls below 140cm. (As of this writing we don't have any flat chested dolls at any height) That said, we do not believe that adult dolls are limited to being above 140cm. We do not ship to any regions where the dolls are prohibited.

Our dolls are designed to be realistic.

For us this is an essential idea. Two gigantic balloons attached to a skinny pole does not constitute a good sex doll. If a doll is fat the waist should not be smaller by proportion to the hips than that of a thin sex doll. We consider very seriously all of these issues.

We are working on key innovations which will drive the 'Sex Doll Revolution'

Additionally, we are committed to driving the 'sex doll revolution' by incentivizing the production of dolls that actually move. Many fake 'AI' dolls are on the market that are nothing more than motionless cell phone applications. We believe the revolution will start with motion. Already the TPE jiggles and sways but that is not enough. Once the dolls move there will be a rapid development of AI. This is the singularity.

We are committed to quality and price at value products

If we are selling a top end doll it should be worth it. It should not be a fake AI Robot that doesn't move with an android app in it. And if we are selling a less expensive doll it should be at a value price. In this manner we try to bring the best product for the price you have paid.

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