140cm Irontech Jane

140cm Irontech Jane
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Doll Measurements Jane

Height: 140cm

Breast line: 101cm

Underbreastline: 64cm

Waist: 56cm

Hip: 105cm

Shoulder: 36cm

Arm Length: 66cm

Leg Length: 74cm

Thigh line: 57cm

Calfline: 30cm

Foot Size: 21.5cm

Weight: 38KG

140cm Huge Butt Big Breasts IRONTECH Jane

Full figured big butt, big breasts, IRONTECHDOLL Jane is perhaps the hottest full figured doll done recently.

Irontechdoll Highlights:

  • Incredibly soft yet tough and durable skin
  • Self-recovering pressure resistant flesh
  • Flexible, manipulable, lifelike robust skeleton
  • Realistic beautiful dolls lifelike details
  • Manipulation friendly, durable performance

    If you want the doll as in the photo just leave everything blank or enter 'default'. Otherwise, for each category please select from the options displayed in the photos below. For the feet we recommend standing as it is more durable. A representative will follow up to confirm the details of your order.

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    • Model: 140Irontech-Jane